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Concrete Countertops & Furniture Color Options:

Earth Pigments . com

Concrete Colors that are Non-toxic Pigments, Mica Powders and Mediums.

Natural Earth and Ocher Pigments: rich colors including Ochers, Siennas, Umbers and Natural Iron Oxides with a depth of color unmatched by synthetics.
Ocher-based Mineral Pigments: 90% Ocher based with 10% Mineral pigments in beautiful colors unique to our quarry.
Manufactured Oxide Pigments: manufactured from earth elements with high tinting strength for both traditional and modern uses.
Colonial Natural Pigments: from deep in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, our Colonial Natural pigments are all natural with no manmade ingredients.
Mayan Pigments: After nearly 15 years of intensive archaeological and laboratory research, the secret of how ancient Mayan pigments were made has been discovered.

Concrete Countertop Sealers

CHENG Concrete Sealer is a water-based, non-toxic concrete sealer ideal for concrete countertops, integral sinks, fire places, furniture as well as outdoor projects like fire pits and planters. This superior sealer will protect your surface without creating an artificial finish—and will protect the warm luster and beauty of your concrete surface.

Cheng Concrete Countertop Sealer

The water-based formulation of CHENG Sealer :
• makes it a food-safe, non-VOC choice for your project
• contains “hybrid” technology, which means it is both a penetrating and topical sealer
• provides superior abrasion protection and stain resistance when used with CHENG Concrete Wax to create a long-lasting, natural finish.

How does it work? Imagine your concrete surface as a sponge. CHENG Sealer is designed to fill that sponge sinking deep into the concrete to protect it from within while also creating a very thin, hard shell that acts as a barrier against chipping and etching from harsh acids and the wear and tear of everyday use.

Everclear VOXEverclear VOX Heavy-Duty Gloss Sealer

EVERCLEAR VOX is a water based pure acrylic sealer for concrete with excellent blush resistance and total resistance to yellowing from UV exposure. This sealer imparts an attractive gloss and protection to all concrete surfaces, and is especially suited for decorative concrete.  Formulated with a very low VOC content, EVERCLEAR VOX is compliant with all VOC regulations in the United States and Canada and its low odor makes is usable indoors or out.

General Care and Use of Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is a natural material comprised mainly of sand, stone, cement, water and fibers. Much like any natural material; such as wood or stone, concrete is a porous material. We have a variety of sealers to choose from to protect against staining and wetting. We have extensive experience with many sealers and in our Concrete Sealer’s Area you can read more about them. Choose your concrete sealer for each surface type; this will help ensure the lasting beauty of your concrete countertop.

Please review and practice the following general care and maintenance on all concrete products:

  • No Abrasive cleaners.
  • No Abrasive Sponges.
  • No Acidic vinegar/fertilizers/soils.
  • Tape of any kind may ruin the sealer/surface.
  • No Hot pots/pans.
  • No Bleach or ammonia based products they degrade sealers prematurely
  • No Cutting on surface, you will scratch the sealer and dull your knives, however the function of the concrete will not be affected.
  • Scratches can be buffed out and re sealed.
  • Clean up immediately after spills.
  • Do not leave any liquid on the surface as it will stain the surface sealer.

If your concrete is outside i.e. outdoor kitchen/bbq we recommend for best care to cover it when not in use and covered during seasons not in use as you would your bbq.

Not likely but as with marble and granite, concrete corners and edges can chip if struck by a hard object.
Sealing and rounding the inside corners of the mold with silicone will ease the edges and prevent chipping.
Concrete can be patched, patches may or may not blend and can be variable.

*Hairline cracks typically don’t occur, however if they do, the tend to be around sink voids, but these are not structural failures; rather, they are inherent characteristics of the material.

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As with many solid surfaces, there is a level of care and maintenance required for the Products. If Customer is not the end user of the Product, Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer has provided such Instructions to the end user. Such care and maintenance is Customer’s sole responsibility, and the Manufacturer shall not be responsible for (or be required to cover under warranty) any problems that arise due to Customer not following the Instructions. The care and maintenance is end user responsibility.  We cannot account for all variables inherent and unexpected. It is a part of why concrete is individual and so unique. All guarantees are for integrity, function and structure of the concrete unsealed. Staining and wetting are part of care and maintenance not the “function” of the concrete. From day one, it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the concrete piece. This includes but is not limited to observing any changes that are contrary to sealer expectations. For example, epoxy urethanes, or any bathroom/sink sealers should never wet through. If you notice any wetting, please call immediately as the sealer may be compromised. No harm is happening to the concrete function, however, constant wetting may hydrate the concrete at different rates (as concrete cures for many years) causing color changes in the surface, which Customer understands is considered acceptable with concrete as the material. Certain cleaners could cause this or breaking the seal. There are too many variables to speculate as to why, the end user would know best. To minimize any discoloration, remove elements/objects from piece and let areas dry out and schedule us to come and observe and possibly re seal. Charges may apply. Also note, resealing may require sanding on site which will likely change the appearance of the concrete.

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CONCEPT will give technical advice and support throughout the lifetime of our products.  We stand behind our products to provide a surface that will withstand reasonable usage.   Natural variation in color and texture and porosity may occur and are considered inherent and valued qualities of the material.  Seller warrants that: (i) all Services shall be provided in a professional and workmanlike manner; and (ii) all Products shall have a limited one (1) year warranty against manufacturing or structural defects, which covers the integrity, function, and structure of the Products. Sealer is not a part of this warranty. Any staining and/or wetting of the Products are part of care and maintenance and not covered by this limited warranty.  In addition, because homes and other structures settle, Seller is not responsible for cracking in any joints where the Products are installed.  Any alleged breach of the foregoing limited warranty must be promptly reported to Seller.  If Seller determines, in its sole reasonable discretion, that any Product does not conform to the warranty stated in this Section, Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and Seller’s sole and exclusive obligation, at Seller’s option, shall be for Seller to either: (i) replace the nonconforming Product at Seller’s own expense, installation or removal charges may be incurred.  No refunds.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Why concrete countertops?

Concrete offers many advantages over other surfaces allowing each counter to be a one of a kind creation – made just for you.  Concrete can be molded into complex 3 dimensional shapes that cannot be easily manufactured using other materials.  Color options are endless and pieces do not need to be laminated together to make thicker edges.  This allows the designer and homeowner a larger degree of freedom in creating inspiring designs.

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How much do your concrete countertops cost?

Our concrete surfaces vary in price from $25 per sq. ft. (tiles) to over $150 per sq. ft. (complex three dimensional pieces).  The best way to get an accurate estimate is to send us details about your project.  We are able to give estimates from architectural drawings, or a hand sketch will do for the simple projects.   Simple 1 1/2″ thick countertops begin at $58.00 per sq. ft, or textured surfaces at $95 per sq ft, making concrete competitive with many other high end surfaces.  Integral concrete sinks can be added in a variety of designs for $400/sink.  Items such as fireplace surrounds, firepits, and furniture pieces are quoted on a per job basis.

Why are your concrete countertops more expensive than granite?

There is much more handwork involved in creating concrete countertops than there is to manufacture granite countertops.  Our concrete products are made from raw materials, as opposed to a slab of stone cut by a CNC machine.  We hand build all the needed molds, batch the materials, cast, cure and then process each piece by hand.

Why is concrete more eco-friendly than other countertop options?

Our manufacturing process for concrete countertops creates almost no material waste.  No wet grinding, water is a precious resource.  Zero-VOC sealer.  Compare that to a stone quarried out of a hillside on the other side of the planet, put on a ship, then a railroad car, then a tractor-trailer.

Will my concrete counters stain?

Our counters are sealed with a water based acrylic product, which is made specifically for concrete countertops.  It provides a dense, stain-resistant surface that cannot peel.  Since it penetrates into the concrete it very difficult to scratch.  Moisture trapped under items (coffee makers, soap dispensers, etc) can leave marks over time if not allowed to evaporate.

We have come a long way from the days of poorly sealed concrete counters ending up covered with coffee rings and etch marks.  We believe you shouldn’t worry about spilling your wine and staining your countertops.  With a little care your concrete counters will be the heart of your kitchen for many years.  However, if you are looking for a no maintenance surface that will look like the day it was installed in 5 years, consider one of the mass produced products on the market, artisan concrete may not be for you.

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How do I get an estimate?

To receive and estimate we need detailed information regarding your project.  You can either send detailed architectural drawings or for simple projects a hand sketch with measurements will do.

Information needed:
Overhead drawings with measurements
Backsplash location and height
Sink choice and location (under mount, drop-in, apron, concrete)
Edge detail
Desired visual thickness

Do you template projects?

Concept will template local projects within the Salt Lake City area.   If you are outside of this area your contractor or a qualified countertop installer can template and install our products.

When is a template needed?

Items that come in contact with two or more walls: Most construction tolerances will exceed 1/8” producing abnormally wide gaps along the finished edge where the countertops and walls meet. If templating is not performed we will make all items square and this may not allow for proper visual fit.  We can manufacture items long and to allow for them to be cut onsite but this does have its limitations.

Items that are not touching walls and need to align with work performed by others.  This is usually the case on commercial projects where items are built using architectural drawings.  In this scenario we require a template to be manufactured and sent to us, the job site and any other company whose work is touching ours. This is to ensure that all items will properly align when installed in its final location.

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What is the lead time?

There are many variables that manipulate delivery times on custom orders. Typically, bathrooms take 3-4 weeks and kitchens 4-6 weeks. Larger projects can take 6-8 weeks. Our delivery times also can vary depending on current production volumes and project size. If you are concerned with delivery times it is best to contact us with your construction schedule to confirm our current delivery schedule.

What is the thickness of your concrete countertops?

Depending on the application our typical countertops have a minimum thickness of 3/4”.  All exposed edges will be manufactured to the visual thickness specified (Typically 1.5” or 2” for kitchens).  We can also manufacture any desired thickness to fit your visual needs.

How thick are your backsplashes?

We have two standard thicknesses for backsplashes, 3/4” and 1”. If needed, we can manufacture backsplashes to a specific thickness to accommodate your project.  Tile thicknesses vary from ½” to 1” depending on application and size.  If needed, we can manufacture tiles to a specific thickness to accommodate your project.

How long of a piece can you cast?

There are many factors that dictate maximum size. We typically like to keep items below 8’ due to maneuverability issues during production, delivery and installation.  However we can cast pieces up to 12′ long if necessary.

When do I need seams?

Seams will vary depending on the kitchen/project layout.  If seams are needed we will advise to any placement possibilities so the best visual appearance can be achieved.  In most cases, seams get filled with a color matched grout or clear silicone.

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Can I cut directly on the concrete?

No.  Our concrete surfaces are very durable but we do not recommend cutting directly on them, as it may scratch the concrete and will certainly ruin your lives.  We recommend using a cutting board to prevent scratching the surface and dulling your knives.

Is your concrete heat resistant?

Yes, but metal items placed directly onto a burner or over an open flame can exceed 450 degrees, so do not put them directly on your counters.  Trivets can be embedded into the concrete as an additional design element.

How much do they weigh?

Our countertops vary in thickness depending on the application.  Typical  kitchen countertops weigh between 10 – 12 lbs per. sq. ft.   Standard cabinets are more than sufficient to support this weight.

How accurate are your colors from job to job?

Our concrete products are hand made using natural materials. These materials vary in shade and cause our finished products to vary from our samples.  We have spent years noting and adjusting our process to try to manipulate color hues and have found there will always be a slight shade difference caused by the materials and process used throughout production.

Can you ship?

Yes we can.  All products can be packaged and shipped using common carriers.  Items are packaged using ventilated crates to allow proper air movement around the package. We can provide packaging and freight quotes upon request.

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