Dining Room

Custom Wood Dining FurnitureCustom Wood Dining Tables, Rounds, Side Tables & Furnishings
“We Create Modern Furniture Design Ideas ~ at Concept
  • The CONCEPT approach to furniture design is modern & unique.
  • Reclaimed:  Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Teak and other unique woods are used in the manufacturing of our Zen Furniture Designs
  • Most furniture pieces are one of a kind, hand crafted in-house or made here locally.
  • All are constructed with an eco-friendly eye, from the design aspect through the manufacturing process.
  • A resident Interior Designer brings over 30 years experience in the high-end furniture and design market to the table.
  • Re-claimed wood, locally sourced concrete and salvaged steel are the basis for the individual custom creations.
  • The concrete portions are the combined effort between an interior designer and a certified concrete specialist. This collaboration has become a labor of love and a commercial success.

Stunning Hardwood Tables in Mahogany, Oak, Walnut & Concrete or Steel Base…  Gorgeous!

Taleisin Dining Table Mahogany Oak Walnut & Concrete Base Talesin Dining Table Corner Detail Hardwood Maze Dining Table Round Maze Dining Round Detail Black Finish Oak Mahogany & Walnut Detail

“We Create Modern Furniture Design Ideas ~ at Concept
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