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Concept brings custom concrete furniture (and more) to Salt Lake’s Granary District

by Brad Mee

In the heart of Salt Lake City’s Granary District, a large warehouse has recently been transformed into a chic showroom for Concept, a company described by its owners— Jeff Barker, John Harris and Jeffrey Potts— as “a unique retail and manufacturing company selling locally custom made, in many cases using local materials, home furnishing pieces and specialty concrete surfaces for the discerning client.” Yes, it’s a mouthful, but it nicely sums up the company’s distinctive offerings. From wooden beds and benches fabricated from recycled pallets to tables, vanities and even napkin rings formed from concrete (and a large selection of  framed art and sculptures rounding out the mix), Concept’s offering provides customized and stylish options for most any space in the home and garden. We were particularly enamored with the concrete pieces, some constructed from the traditional material and others from a lightweight alternative by Cheng. Here are a few of our favorites snapped during the well-attended open house.

Zen Winged Bed Concrete Island Paisley Concrete Napkin Ring Tufted Concrete Bench Integrated Concrete Sink
This mosaic-patterned, winged headboard is handcrafted from reclaimed pallets.
Unique patterns can be integrated into your custom concrete surfaces. This piece features a paisley pattern on one end and a reptile skin on the other.
Jeffrey Potts designed the concrete Sushi Napkin Rings, available for $120 for a set of 6.
Look closely, this steel-based bench is made from concrete. With deep tufting and a textured paisley finish, it is hard to believe it isn’t soft and cushy.
This bathroom vanity is formed with an integrated sink and polished aggregate, patterned surface.
“We’ve Got Every Design Idea Possible ~ at Concept”
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